Do Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Slimming Creams Work? – Reviews, Ratings & Side Effects

Quarantine weight loss

Weight loss has been a life long journey for me, as it has for many around the globe. I’m not at my ideal weight yet but I have learnt to enjoy and embrace the ups, downs and the bumps (pun intended) along the journey.

Along the years I have tested and tried many diets, programs, workouts, pills, products and even some really weird equipment (I don’t want to get into details) that made promises to help me shred some pounds off.

Some worked – most didn’t.

However, I have found some simple ways that help weight loss.

I’m NOT going to focus on exercise. We all know going to the gym, or working on cardio exercises, or high intensity training definitely helps weight loss. So stating the obvious is useless. If you already work out and are fit – that’s awesome! Kudos to you!

I’m a bit lazy when it comes to working out, and I love it, when I come across ways that help weight loss without having to workout as much. Don’t get me wrong, I still work out – but what I’m going to discuss here are ways we can help weight loss and spend less time working out.

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There are two products that I found effective.

  1. Slimming creams
  2. Fat burner pills

You can read our article on Fat burner pills / weight loss pills by clicking here.

In this article I would like to discuss slimming creams / weight loss creams / fat burning creams – call it what you want.

Often misunderstood – slimming creams are not magical creams that you simply apply and start loosing weight.

If slimming / sculpting creams are used in conjunction with a healthy foods they can really produce amazing results. Eat the right amount of calories needed by your body based on your height and age. You can use any BMP calculator available online to calculate how many calories you should be eating.

Maintaining a caloric intake is extremely important. This may be hard for the first 2-3 weeks. But once you and your body adjust to the right caloric intake, the rest is smooth sailing.

Applying a good slimming/sculpting cream will help shed the stored fat that may have collected over years.

Weight loss fat burner pills

What are Slimming / Sculpting Creams?

Slimming / sculpting creams when applied, heat up the area under the surface of the skin. This helps in a number of ways. The heat helps break up the stubborn fat under the skin. It also increases blood circulation in that part of the body which also helps reducing fat. This is similar to what happens when we exercise – the heat and increased blood circulation helps shedding fat stored in that part of the body.

Some really good slimming creams also help firming up the skin, so you don’t have any loose saggy skin after weight loss.

Weight loss fat burner pills

Since I have tried a lot of different slimming creams – I have listed some of the best slimming creams I liked.

#1. BIOLUMA Sculpting Cream

BIOLUMA weight loss slimming cream sculpting cream
Bioluma eyelash growth serum reviews
4.8 / 5
Effectiveness - 94%
Safety - 89%
Customer Satisfaction - 96%
Ingredients Rating - 93%

Bioluma products have been known for being subtle on the skin and yet effective with their natural ingredients. Their dual action sculpting cream is no different.

This dual action sculpting cream, not only helps you shed stubborn fat but also tones and firms up your skin, especially great for mid-section and thighs.

You can tell the difference in this product and other slimming creams as soon as you apply it. I highly recommend this product over any other weight loss cream. Especially if you like a product made with natural ingredients and no side effects.


  • Natural ingredients
  • No reported side effects
  • Amazing results
  • Easy to apply
  • Reasonably priced


  • Effective on 94.3% of users
  • Takes 4-6 weeks to start seeing changes


For a LIMITED TIME,  BIOLUMA is at 20% discounted prices, they often run out of stock . To check if BIOLUMA is in stock, please check their website. BIOLUMA’s website offers some amazing deals to help you save more on 3 jar packs.

This may not be available by the time you read this.

Weight loss fat burner pills

#2. ZO Skin Health ORASER Cellulite Control Body Smoothing Cream

3.7 stars
3.7 / 5
Effectiveness - 85%
Safety - 84%
Customer Satisfaction - 94%
Ingredients Rating - 93%

Smooths skin and helps diminish “orange peel” appearance. Provides a slimming and toning effect and Restores hydration. Plankton extract: Helps provide a slimming and toning effect. Saccharide isomerate: Minimizes new “nightly” fat deposits from accumulating.  Minimizes the appearance of thigh contour. Phosphatidylcholine: Aids in minimizing the visible signs of cellulite Caffeine, coenzyme A and carnitine: Aids in minimizing the visible signs of cellulite Chondrus crispus (carageenan) extract: Visibly improves the appearance of skin texture and of cellulite Glycerin. Chondrus crispus (carageenan) extract: Visibly improves the appearance of skin texture and of cellulite


  • No reported side effects
  • Smooths skin
  • Easy to apply


  • Effective on 84.7% of users
  • Takes 7-9 weeks to start seeing changes
  • Higher price point

#3. TC1 Bundle with Sculpt and Advanced Topical Sweat Workout Enhancer

3.7 stars
3.7 / 5
Effectiveness - 79%
Safety - 81%
Customer Satisfaction - 87%
Ingredients Rating - 86%

Providing targeted compression therapy, the thigh brace supports the hamstring and quadricep while aiding in the recovery of strains and pulls. Secured by dual velcro fasteners, the adjustable compression wrap is constructed with a latex-free, nonslip neoprene for exceptional support throughout any activity. The thigh support allows complete freedom of movement and is perfect for use in any activity, including soccer, baseball, basketball, cycling, etc.


  • Targeted compression therapy
  • Smooths skin
  • Easy to apply


  • Effective on 79% of users
  • Takes 8-9 weeks to start seeing changes
  • High price point

#4. Somatoline Cosmetic Resistant Cellulite. Duo Pack

3.5 stars
3.5 / 5
Effectiveness - 81%
Safety - 77%
Customer Satisfaction - 87%
Ingredients Rating - 83%

Cellulite manifests itself in different ways depending on their characteristics. Resistant cellulite has increased size and number of adipocytes, subcutaneous fatty nodules formed which can be hard and tender. The connective tissue loses elasticity and the skin is with obvious depressions (‘orange peel’), so it is advisable to treat it with a specific anti-cellulite product. Cosmetic Somatoline Somatoline Cellulite presents Resistant Intensive Action. A slimming product specifically formul

Weight loss fat burner pills

To sum it up, I recommend using BIOLUMA – It has the best bang for the buck. It has the best ingredients, it’s hypo-allergenic and best part is IT WORKS!

Learn more about it on their website:

I would also recommend reading our article on top selling fat burner weight loss pills here–>>

Best Slimming Creams 2020

#1 – BIOLUMA 4.8 stars (4.8 / 5)

#2 – ZO Skin Health (3.7 / 5)

#3 – TC1 Bundle (3.5 / 5)

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