Does Crying Make your Eyelashes Grow Longer?

Effects of crying on eyelash health

Tears, have a lot of benefits. Lets explore them, and de-bunk some myths in the process.

What are tears made of?

One of the main functions of tears, is to lubricate the cornea and the rest of the eyeball.

It is made up of mostly water with lysozyme, lipids, sodium and glucose. It’s a natural anti-bacterial liquid this produced by the body to keep your eyes clean and lubricate it every time you blink. Tears are essential for the healthy functioning on your eyes.

The myth:

 Tears don’t help grow eyelashes. They may clean your eyeball and eyelashes to remove any debris, But there is not scientific study that shows, that tears may help eyelash growth.

You would need to apply other nourishing serums to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.  Please click here to read our blog on the best eyelash serums that show amazing results.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Yes, eyelashes grow back. But at different rates for different people. The life cycle of eye lashes can be found here.

This is based on a normal / healthy lashes. However if you apply fake lashes, apply mascara, eye makeup etc. (which most of us do) it may effect the life and quality of your lashes.  We recommend using a quality eyelash serum to help you improve and maintain your lash health. You need longer thicker lashes even if you plan to use fake lashes. So why cheap out on quality ingredients that will help you grow healthy lashes.

Benefits of tears:

Apart from the obvious benefits of keeping your eyes healthy, there are other benefits of tears.

The only time we really see tears is when we cry. So, these benefits are not so much from tears as they are from the act of crying.

1) Releases endorphins:

Research shows that crying releases endorphins. Endorphins are also known as the “feel-good” chemicals. These help the body to relax and recover, both physically and emotionally.

This is probably why we feel much better after crying about something that upset us.

2) Emotional Balance:

Crying is a response to extreme emotional stimuli. It does not need to be in response to something sad. You could cry due to frustration, stress, extremely happy feelings or being really scared.

Crying helps release those endorphins that then restore  your emotional balance.

3) Improves Skin:

The anti-bacterial qualities of your ears y also help reduce acne. This doesn’t mean you should cry to reduce acne from your skin. 

There’s a lot more you need to reduce acne than just anti-bacterial. Please click here to read our blog on the best acne creams that have helped thousands of women around the globe.

4) Improves Sleep:

Crying can also be very exhausting. Especially when you cry for long periods of time. This can help you sleep better, and allows the endorphins to work on your body while you sleep.


Crying, and tears are normal, healthy and beneficial for your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

But they won’t help you grow longer lashes. So, please stop crying and read our blog on the best eyelash growth serums if you want to grow longer lashes here –>


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