What is a Lash Lift & Lash Tint? Why is Everyone Obsessed With it?

Cosmetologist Doing Lash Lifting

Lash lifts and tints are some of the biggest trends in the beauty world right now. Here’s how they differ from eyelash extensions and false lashes. If getting bigger, fuller, curlier eyelashes is on your list of beauty resolutions, you may have noticed a bit of hype surrounding eyelash extensions.  

According to a Google Trends Report for 2018, people are really into eyelashes.1 Four out of five of the top searches for beauty on Google are related to making eyes pop, and “what is a lash lift” is ranked number two, just below how to get magnetic eyelashes.

The third, fourth, and fifth most popular beauty searches for 2018 were, respectively: “how to get rid of single eyelashes,” “what hair color looks best on me,” and “how to make cat eyes”.

As the newest “it” trend on the beauty block, eyelash lifting is making serious waves–and with good reason. Not only does the procedure take very little effort, it lasts much longer than eyelash extensions, and there are few potentially damaging effects. 

You can even tailor the results, ranging from the curling shapes to adding tinting, if you are not planning on wearing mascara daily.

Celebrity makeup artists – such as Hrush Achemyan, who works with the full-lash Kardashian-Jenner fam and boasts 2.3 million followers on Instagram – have also been showing the results of their very own lash lifts and tints in recent years, helping to bring this trend into the mainstream of beauty.

Here’s everything you need to know about lash lifts, should you be considering trying one for yourself. A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that is best described as perming the lashes. “

A lash lift is basically something that your lashes would get done by using a mechanical curler that is really good, so it [gives] you a good shape up top, a real curl,” Courtney Buehler,  — she also sells a kit to get your own lash lift, and offers classes to make full eyelashes DIY — told Elle.

If you are going on vacation or prefer a less-maintenance makeup routine, you may want to opt for a lash lift and tint, to deepen your eyelash color, as well as more dramatic curves.

How does a lash lift procedure work? Closeup of someone who has had their eyes lifted. Sable Young, former writer of Allure, went through a lash-lift procedure herself.

As she explained, an eyelash lift begins with consultation with your technician. 

After going over your goals — whether you want the lashes to be pulled up or fanned out, for example — the work begins.

The technician splits off the lower and upper lashes, then applies silicone pads on your top lid. They then stick the lashes onto the pad to begin shaping the lashes to form deeper curls.

Then, they apply three lotions with just the right chemicals, each of which is left on for 10 minutes – that means that the whole treatment takes around 30 minutes to an hour. 

How long does the eyelash lift last?. A According to U.S.-based master educator for YUMIlashe, Elysee Zhadikpur, lashlifts last between eight and 12 weeks. This will depend on how fast your lashes are growing and rebuilding, as well as how you take good care of them. You may want to try extending your results with eyelash growth serums, but this treatment is not meant to be permanent. 

How Much Does A Lash Lift Cost?. The price of a lash lift may vary depending on where you are located and how skilled the technicians are, but customers can expect to spend between $75-$150. Is There Any Downside To A Lash Lift?. 

Like all things in life, there is potentially a darker side when it comes to lash lifts. “Anytime you are using chemicals around the eyes, you run the risk of allergic reactions,” Jacqueline R. Carrasco, MD, a oculoplastic surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital, told Womens Health. And, as Michael J. Earley, Ph.D., a physician-optometry resident and associate dean for academic affairs at Ohio State Universitys College of Optometry, noted, many technicians use proprietary formulas, making it hard to test. “While we have not observed any specific incidents where patients had adverse experiences with keratin-based eyelashes, we do caution our patients to be cautious about applying unfamiliar formulas to or around their eyes,” he said. 

Are There Alternatives to Eyelash Lifts?. . Lash Lifts, Eyelash Extensions, and Faux Eyelashes: What is the difference?. If the thought of applying Keratin chemicals to your eyelashes is just too much, there are alternatives.

There are plenty of boosting serums out there, including Lashes To Die For by Peter Thomas Roths Turbo Conditioning Lash Enhancer ($85; sephora.com). The formula promises to grow natural eyelashes longer, fuller, and denser than ever, targeting all three stages of the hair-growth cycle. Not everyone has positive reactions to eyelash-growth serums, however, so be sure to do your due diligence about the potential side effects before starting on a product.

If you are hoping for more, you can also consider some good ol-fashioned eyelash extensions. However, they too may come with side effects, and they last for just two or three weeks, meaning that you have to fork over much more cash to maintain them. Of course, you can always stick with mascara (and thousands of people swear by it). But again, you can always double up on the lifting, with some trickery, to get that perfect look.


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